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Because authorities have tightened air pollution standards, today's engine manufacturers have responded with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which uses urea to neutralize harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions.  The operating fluid for SCR systems is called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).


USA DEF works with SCR technology to reduce harmful emissions in everything from truck engines to factory furnaces.  When injected into the SCR catalyst, USA DEF converts harmful nitrogen oxides from all kinds of combustion engines into harmless water vapor and nitrogen.

USA DEF Benefits Go Beyond Environmental Issues

The combination of USA DEF and SCR technology equals power.  Not only are cleaner emissions achieved but overall fuel efficiency improves when compared to other technologies.  With USA DEF, you'll not only enhance your green reputation but you'll operate more efficiently as well.

In addition to cutting fuel costs and reducing emissions, USA DEF is your most reliable resource for a high purity urea solution that is needed to convert harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless water vapor in SCR vehicles.

Direct from Plant to Partner

A reliable supply of high quality DEF is essential to run an efficient operation.  If you don't have the product, you can't operate your fleet.

Because USA DEF is a manufacturer located in the Rocky Mountain region, you have a guarantee of product availability.  USA DEF is manufactured, certified, packaged and delivered direct from the plant to our business partners and USA DEF provides a steady back-up of supply.

Years of combined experience in the production and handling of transportation fluids makes USA DEF an industry expert and a brand you can trust.

Invest in your future. 

Safeguard the environment and operate more efficiently. 

Make USA DEF your partner in business.